Basic Science & Humanities

Individuals who become active arbiters of social order, who equip themselves with the ability to scrutinise conceptions of worth and unearth the reasons for their acceptance or rejection, emerge with a liberated utility and aesthetic. The ability to generate ideas that gain social traction, to comprehend the context of scientific transactions, the rigour with which to critique workflow, and specifics innovation become determinants in our country's quest for social and intellectual inclusion, a cause that is at the very heart of institutions like ours.

The Department of Basic Science and Humanities started from the inception of the college. Knowledge in basic science forms the base of Engineering. The department intends to do this function as efficiently as possible. This department is dedicated to fostering fundamental scientific ideas and understanding in order to improve students' basic engineering expertise. Its goal is to equip emerging scientists and engineers with value-based education. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Values, and English are among the disciplines studied by the Department. The department's students benefit greatly from the expertise and experience of several of the department's doctorates. The Departments well-experienced and highly skilled faculty members have worked tirelessly to improve students' learning, research, and development processes. Aside from academics, the Department is actively involved in the development of students' personalities, communication, and soft skills in order to help them succeed in today's globalised world a hostile atmosphere The department has cutting-edge laboratories and cutting-edge library facilities. It also encourages students to participate in demanding projects and apprenticeships on a global scale to hone their technical abilities. It has established possibilities to foster Entrepreneurship among emerging engineers and instilled in them the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility, in relation to numerous extracurricular activities such as Quiz, Annual Paper Presentation Competition, Workshop, and so on. The department also assists students in developing English Communication skills in order to improve their English language fluency, allowing them to compete in today's corporate world.


• The department has encouraged students of various fields and topics not just in their academic pursuits, but also in advancing their social possibilities and fostering their creative potentiality.
• We seek to foster knowledge and keen of language in our students.
• To provide modernized and coherent curricular framework, well-structured course choices to enrich students fundamental knowledge.
• The spread of literary, analytical, pedagogical, theoretical and sciencetific skills.
• To encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on learning and encourage appreciation for a liberal education.


• Broaden the learners intellectual, horizons and enhance your entrepreneurial spirit and develop technical and communication skills to prepare students for the industry.
• Instil ethical values and promote social responsibility through innovative learning processes in basic and humanities.
• Provide students with soft skills and behavioural training programs to raise their overall personality and social awareness.
• To inculcate ethical and moral values in budding engineers.

Programme Outcomes

PO1 Ability to use engineering concepts to build a system, a component, or a process/system to handle real-world problems.
PO2 Understanding of Engineering Physics' and essential concepts, laws, theories, and problem-solving skills, as well as their application in engineering and technology.
PO3 Ability to use chemistry concepts to create a system that addresses real-world problems.
PO4 Communication: Communicate well with the engineering community and the general public on complicated engineering operations, such as being able to grasp and create good reports and design documentation, give and receive clear directions.

Future Plans

Individual and teamwork: Work well as an individual and as a member or leader in a variety of teams and interdisciplinary situations.
In the broader context of technological change, recognise the need for, and have the preparedness and capacity to participate in autonomous and life-long learning.
To enrich and raise the platform for faculties to outreach the highest expertise in their relevant field

Name Designation Qualification Experience Email Branch Faculty Image Bio Data
Prof. Sambhunath Behera Asst. Prof. in Mathematics (HOD) M.Phil , M.Sc. In Mathematics 15 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
DR. JYOTIRMAYEE OJHA Assistant Professor in English PhD. 9 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Jayasmita Patra Assistant Prof. Mathematics MSc. 1 Year Bsh faculty profile Know More
Amit Kumar Das Assistant Professor in Physics Msc. 1 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
MD Inzamam Khan Asst. Prof. in English MA IN ENGLISH 1 Year Bsh faculty profile Know More
Pramod Sahoo Lab Assistant, Physics B.Sc In Physics 5 years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Sapan Kumar Ghorai Lab Assistant ,Chemistry M.Sc In Chemistry 5 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Prasnajit Mandal Asst. Professor in Physics M.Sc in Physics 1 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Pravakar Das Lecturer M.Sc in Mathematics, B.Ed 1 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Rajat Kumar Sahoo Asst. Prof. ,Chemistry M.Sc in Polymer Science Bsh faculty profile Know More
Srabani Behera Asst. Prof. ,English M.A in English, M.A in Education 1 Years Bsh faculty profile Know More
Pritam Priyadarsini Das Asst. prof., Chemistry M.Sc. 6 yrs Bsh faculty profile Know More