Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engg at Balasore College of Engineering & Technology is functioning since 2001. Mechanical Engg. discipline involves the design and manufacturing of machines. During these decade mechanical engineering has strengthen itself with latest technology and innovations. The mechanical engg. department is functioning with a mission to prepare top-notch mechanical professionals with through knowledge, both in theory and practical skills. This department is offering B.Tech. and M.Tech.(Heat transfer & Thermal Engg.) programme. The department has state-of-art laboratories, well set up workshop with all facilities.


To be recognised internationally for engineering education and research and for leadership to the profession.


- To educate,prepare,inspire and mentor students to excel as proffesional and to grow throughout thier careers.
- Providing the facilities and environment condusive to high quality education,well grounding the students in the fundamental principles of engineering and preparing them for diverse career.
- Engaging in academic scholarly activties,which strengthen the major's regional,national and international reputation.

Programming Educational Objectives (PEO)

- To provide a quality education for the stdents entering the mechanical engineering profession or seeking careers in related fields.
- To advance scientific knowledge through basic and applied research.
- To develope problem solving approach using analytical abilities,affective communication skills and team work.


State-of-art laboratories , Well qualified faculties , Seminar hall

Job oppurtunity

Graduates in Mechanical Engineering will find employment opportunities in the diversified branches of the mechanical field. Mechanical engineers are employed in many types of manufacturing, fabrication, research and development, and service industries such as Railways, Aviation, Automobile Industry, Power plants, Manufacturing Industries e.g. Materials, refined metals etc.

Smart Fencing

Dish Washer

Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab

Machine Shop

Dynamics Lab

IC Engine Lab

Hydraulics Lab

Heat Transfer Lab

Fitting Section

Material Testing Lab

Welding Section

Engineering Graphics Lab

Auto Cad Lab

Name Designation Qualification Experience Email Branch Faculty Image
PRADEEP KUMAR MOHANTY Assistant Professor (HOD) M.Tech 10 Years Mech faculty profile
SUBHRAJIT SAHOO asstprof M.Tech, B.Tech 9 Years Mech faculty profile
SWESHAREEFA MAHAKUL asstprof asstprof 8 Years Mech faculty profile
DEBASHREE MOHANTY asstprof M.Tech, B.Tech 8 year Mech faculty profile
SHASHI KANTA NAYAK asstprof M.Tech, B.E. 13 Years Mech faculty profile
MONALISA SAMAL asstprof M.Tech, B.E. 13 Years Mech faculty profile
SANGEETA DAS asstprof M.Tech, B.Tech 8 Years Mech faculty profile
AJAY KUMAR BHOI asstprof M.Tech, B.Tech 8 Years Mech faculty profile
ASISH KUMAR PATRA Assistant Professor M.Tech, B.E. 10 Years Mech faculty profile
SATCHIDANANDA GHOSH asstprof M.Tech, B.E. 9 Years Mech faculty profile
PRADEEP SETHY asstprof B.Tech 2 Years Mech faculty profile
BHABANI SHANKAR RANA asstprof M.Tech 5 Years Mech faculty profile
MADHUSMITA SAHU asstprof M.Tech 8 Years Mech faculty profile