Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

Better process control, optimum utilization of resources & higher level of automation is a result of the competition due to globalization in all industry sectors. The demand for automation is increasing day by day. To face these challenges, competent Instrumentation and Control professionals are required. A highly interdisciplinary branch covers major aspects of chemical, mechanical and electrical fundamentals. Instrumentation Engineering involves the applications of instruments for measurement and control. Two inherent aspects in instrumentation are design in instruments and their applications. Further, installation commissioning and maintenance of instrumentation systems are integral part of instrumentation engineering. Instrumentation professionals are the lead persons for automation and control. To exploit these challenging demands the department of Electronics & Instrumentation was established in 2001 having the vision to build instrumentation professionals.


State-of-art laboratories , Well qualified faculties , Seminar hall

Job oppurtunity

There is an increasing demand for people with the knowledge and skills to design, build, test and develop electronic products and systems. An electronics engineer can be employed in various public and private sector organizations such as the Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, AIR, Civil aviation, and the police wireless departments. Electronics engineers are also absorbed into the entertainment sector, media industry, research establishments and defense organizations. They can also take up teaching and research in engineering colleges in India or abroad.

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